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Corsace Documentation

Web - Running Environment

Pre-requisite Reading

Relevant Config Values

Based on what config values you had provided for the website’s config.[WEBSITE].host and config.[WEBSITE].port, you should be able to access the website at http://host:port

For example, http://localhost:3000 for the ayim website if your is localhost and your config.ayim.port is 3000.

config.[WEBSITE].publicUrl should be equivalent to config.[WEBSITE].host and config.[WEBSITE].port combined. In the example above, this would be http://localhost:3000.

See the Config Reference for more information.

Running the Environment

Depending on which website(s) you want to run, you will need to run the following command(s) in a separate terminal:

AYIMnpm run ayim-dev
Closednpm run closed-dev*
MCAnpm run mca-dev
Mainnpm run main-dev
Opennpm run open-dev

*Currently does not exist

The website should now be available at the URL you configured in the Config Reference.