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Bancho - Running Environment

Pre-requisite Reading

Relevant Config Values

The bancho instance creates an HTTP server in order to effectively communicate between the centrifugo and CronRunner instances. This is currently needed for refereeing.

Based on what config values you had provided for the server’s and config.banchoBot.port, you should be able to access the bancho server at http://host:port

For example, http://localhost:8082 for the API server if your is localhost and your config.banchoBot.port is 8082.

config.banchoBot.publicUrl should be equivalent to and config.banchoBot.port combined. In the example above, this would be http://localhost:8082.

See the Config Reference for more information.

Running the Environment

Run the following command to start the Bancho instance in development mode:

npm run bancho-bot-dev

There are currently no commands that can be run on bancho itself, but when fully loaded, it should say Logged into Bancho as [YOUR USERNAME] in console.
The server should also now be available at the URL you configured in the Config Reference
Accessing the page in the browser should show Hello World!.